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Tankless water heaters, also referred to as On-Demand or Instantanious water heaters, are more prevalent in Southern states ( due to the warmer climates) than in the Northern states. Tankless water heaters do cost substantially more to install but can save money over the years in operating costs. In the past few years tankless water heaters have become more popular with homeowners liking the idea of heating hot water only when it is needed.

Call your WaterHeater Man today to help you decide if installing a tankless water heater is right for you.


  • Heats the water as you need it
  • Hangs on wall; takes up less space than conventional tank type
  • Energy savings over the years


  • Tankless unit is more expensive than conventional tank type
  • Installation cost is more expensive than conventional tank style
  • May require water line and / or gas line changes ( may have to increase water and/or gas line supplies)
  • May need multiple tankless units for high demand items ( such as whirlpool tub, garden tub, multiple shower heads, large family dwellings, etc.)