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Pressure Reduction Valve & Expansion Tank

Pressure Reduction Valve & Expansion Tank

Pressure Reduction Valve

Over pressurization and lack of expansion in a water supply system are the major factors leading to water heater tank and parts failures (such as relief valves and drain valves). WaterHeater Man can check your incoming water supply pressure and adjust it to correct and safe levels. If you don’t have a “PRV” or pressure reducing valve and your water pressure is too high or over safe working pressure and code stated values, WaterHeater Man can install one and set it to the correct pressure for you.


Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are also required if you have a pressure reducing valve in the water supply of your home. A pressure reducing valve will cut the amount of pressure incoming but will not allow proper expansion from the heating of hot water into the water main which may result in relief valve weeping or failure, and even eventual tank failure. WaterHeater Man will check all the conditions surrounding your water heater and supply piping to ensure that all safety measures are in place, up to code and working properly to give you piece of mind and longest life of your water heater.